Sunday, August 19, 2012

When You Love

When you love someone, their best interest is the priority.
When you love someone, their pain outweighs yours.

The formula isn't difficult.
It's simple.

You put the ones you love before you.
Before your wants, needs, desires, wishes.

Love is fucking rare.
Love is a challenge.

Only those who don't have the capacity to love believe it's easy to find.
Because they can't recognize what it really means to love.

Only careless fools believe it's easy to practice.
Because they are incapable of putting forth the effort.

It doesn't matter what making those you love first might cost you.
When you love each other, they and your love are worth it.

Your pride is irrelevant.
Your ego disappears.

When you love...

You heal.
You bleed.
You laugh.
You cry.
You surrender.
You win.
You dance.
You fall.

You give what it takes.
Because the ones you love come first.

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