Friday, August 24, 2012

For Daddy's Eyes Only

It all started with a conversation about a nap... lol

Last night, I ended up having a little photo shoot with Daddy.  Daddy picked the attire.  White lace thong.  White skin tight "wife beater" tank.  Breasts bulging.  Curves everywhere they are suppose to be.  Crisp white against golden warm skin.  See through fabrics teasing and taunting.  My best set of pics yet.  They were fucking HOT as hell!

As Daddy reviewed the images, his decision was immediate and absolute.  "None of those are to be posted. They all belong to ME! I will allow others to gawk, but there are times when you and everything about you is strictly mine.  That happens to be most of the time.  You are my sexy babygirl, and this time I'm not sharing."

Yes, Sir.

~sigh~  I fucking love when Daddy is greedy with me.  It makes me feel sexy, desirable, and utterly loved.  It makes me feel secure and protected.  Not that I EVER forget, but Daddy's greed is a sweet reminder...I am owned.  I am His.  I serve His pleasure ONLY.  He plans on keeping His pet a long, long time.  ;-)

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