Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Babygirl's Limitations

I'm learning many, many beautiful facets of babygirl.  However she does have her limitations and thankfully she is not the sum or whole of me.  While my inner little girl may sometimes have the center stage at times, she is NEVER responsible for making important decisions.  Good god...what a hot mess THAT would be.  When suddenly caught in less than steady circumstances, she can be impulsive, skittish, fragile, and rarely logical.  None of which are good emotional places to make choices.

I'm not big into the "Littles" mentality at ALL.  I don't fucking color or bounce up and down for cartoons, Hello Kitty, or My Lil Pony.  ~eye roll~  I don't have toys I sit on the floor to play with, and diapers are not sexy.  ~ewww~  (Though I will play in puddles and swing, but anyway...lol) When it comes down to it, I'm still very much a grown ass woman with some sense.  When life doesn't go my way, I may hold a bit of little girl deep inside of me, but that doesn't mean I throw tantrums or pout like a child.  That silliness is just not productive and only adds difficulty to any type of situation.  Nope...my D/s relationship does not include the identity of a self-indulgent, 2 year old stomping her feet.

In my opinion, though I'm sure he'll agree with me, it is unacceptable for babygirl to cause Daddy unnecessary chaos or drama.  Yes, sometimes her sensitivity can create emotional moments.  However there is a huge difference between being open with Daddy about the softer and potentially frenzied emotions going on inside me and acting irresponsibly or even detrimentally on those emotions.  When babygirl gets in a tizzy, the rest of me calmly has to urge her to go take a little nap until either Daddy gets there or the rational sides of me can handle the situation. Unfortunately, I'm finding that the more babygirl has freedom the more difficult it is to silence her, so I'll have to be cognizant of that moving forward.

Ultimately, babygirl should simply be a joy for both Daddy and I.  Fun and playful.  Sweet and vulnerable.  Giggles and occasionally sweet tears for Daddy.  She is a treasure in our relationship to be protected and nurtured.  Any punishment she receives at Daddy's hands should really be about fun naughtiness and not about correcting bratty behavior.  ;-P

And no...the reason for this post is NOT because I'm in trouble.  lol  It all started with two friends discussing our softer sides, and my realization that my little girl can NEVER make important decisions.  Thinking ahead is typically strongly recommended in my book.    

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