Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kat 101 - An Update

I've always believed that when two people truly love and believe in one another each becomes more.   Together they are greater than they ever can be apart.  M has uncovered so many buried pieces of me that an update was in order.  In his light, the various pieces of me flourish and grow strong.  Within his darkness, they submit and find utter freedom.  With M...I've found a safe place of harmony, hope, love and direction.  I count every day I'm His as a blessing and a gift.

I'm a naughty, perverted Friend, if you are loyal and real.
I'm an insatiable Lover, if you can pique my interest and keep up.
I'm a rebellious, difficult Bitch, if you can match me.

I'm a dirty Slut, if you deserve my hedonistic desires.
I'm Alpha Bitch of a X-some, if you can remember your priorities.
I'm a Girlfriend, if you can be patient and see who I am.

I'm sweet, wicked Domina, if you behave and ask nicely.
I'm an selfless Submissive, if you can momentarily tame me and inspire that gift.
I'm a greedy Fucktoy, if you can remember I'm a woman to value.

I'm a perfect Unicorn, if you both are easy-going and enjoyable.
I'm an ever-hungry Masochist, if you have a Dark Beast that can play with my pain and fuck my mind.
I'm a vicious Warrior, if you are worthy of my respect and fierce loyalty.

I'm a obedient Pet, if you understand what it takes to own and nurture me.
I'm a committed, monogamous Partner, if you are careful, considerate, and love true.
I'm a willing, devoted Slave, if you can handle the responsibility and possess the strength of character to claim me.

I'm a soft, sweet Little Girl, if you can earn the wealth of trust needed to be My Daddy.
I'm a nasty, fucking Whore, if you are the right man.
I'm simply Yours, if you can win my heart.

But I'm Nothing to you, if you can't be honest and straightforward.

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