Monday, August 27, 2012

Honesty is Mandatory

While I respect the privacy and boundaries of others, full disclosure of who we play with and the relationship framework you have with them is mandatory - no exceptions.  How you choose to handle others is your decision, but I have a zero tolerance policy.  If you break that are gone. I'm not interested in lies, games, carelessness, or drama. If you can't be an adult, be honest, and be respectful of me...stick to other shallow cowards like yourself who lie and steal from those around them. You'll get what you deserve.

Whether we play for a moment, a month, or years, I don't fuck around on my lovers, my friends, or my pets. I will tell you who I am involved with, when I play, and the framework we play under.  As with almost every relationship - whether casual, friends, or serious - there may come a time when the choices we make are no longer compatible with either your expectations or mine. However with open, honest communication we should be able to maintain the warm feelings that brought us together in the first place as we go our separate ways in our journey.

Really, this shouldn't be that difficult, folks.  Don't be a child.  Be an adult.

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