Thursday, May 15, 2014


There are days when the need to be a nasty, filthy slut is damn near all consuming.  I'm not talking mild slut.  I'm talking squirting down my thighs in public slut.  Cum-covered lips on the subway kind of slut.  Raising my dress and humping a fire-hyrdrant with my fat whorish tits hang out slut.  The kind of slut that leaves M grinning darkly tugging on my leash as old ladies cross their chest and men adjust their thickening cocks.

Yes...that's me this morning.  With the overwhelming need to spread my legs and be used in the most filthy vile ways.  Pain.  Pleasure.  ~sigh~ It makes no fucking difference.  My single point of existence in these moments is to be M's Black owned three-holed piece of thick white meat, to cum in groaning bliss, to harden a dick and make it throb with a need to conquer. 

I'm no saint.  lol  No.  Not at all.  Look elsewhere for that kind of sweet purity.  I'm sure that would be a delight to corrupt, but that's not me.  I'm well down the trail to hell.


A fucking wretched, sinning, crawling gutterslut who seeks complete subjugation and humiliation.

I need broken down and shattered with His mind.
I need to dance in frenzied madness by His hands.

I am a fuck-craving whore that needs beat and used until I'm a crumpled stained mess on the floor reeking of lust and destruction.  Even then I'd still spread my legs for more, just like a dog seeking a belly rub.  I beg for my holes to be affectionately and violently violated.  I pant for M.  I whimper.  I'll even bark if that will please Him.

But the day begins, and so I politely close my legs, wipe my mind clean of my pathetic salacious thoughts, and straighten my clothes to be respectable.  Smile pretty.  Be good.  Pretend I didn't start my day with my hand between my legs playing in His wet sloppy hole and thrashing on the bed.  

Ohhhh...look isn't that cute.  Puppy and kitten posts.  Uplifting quotes of the day.  Lovely. 

I return to the realities, tragedies, and games of my vanilla existence.

Smile...just smile...and fight the urge to squat on the ground to cum like a dog.

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  1. Now that's my kind of woman!


    Have fun Kat

    B xxxx