Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Duality's Suffering

The cage door slips as the hinges wear. So hard to keep my monster buried. 

The physical pain and need. 
The mental noise surrounding me. 
The emotions overwhelm. 

The anger vibrates through me. 
The weak vulnerability chokes me with unshed tears. 

I can't even tell what I need as I ricochet through the day. 

To fight and claw until I'm a broken heap at His feet?
To surrender helplessly to His humiliation and use?
To curl sweetly under His shadow?
To reject once more the whorish bitch in her locked kennel?

What will quell the...




Behind the vanilla mask
Wrapped in decorum's invisibility
My monster hides as it paces her prison. 

The sharp edge of duality 
slices me to fucking ribbons. 
My control trembles to unleash. 

My head pounds. 
My thighs long to spread wide. 
I need to cum like a fire hose. 

Pathetic bitch. 
Sniveling slut. 
Glutinous pig. 


It'll be time...

Monday, February 9, 2015

At Odds

My ears ring with a roar of aggression and the unquenchable fucking need to be conquered and put in my place. 

Fuck I need to unleash my lioness with a primal violence that roars to be seen, heard, and accepted. 

Fight it off.
Stuff it in a cage.
Choke the monsterous fucking whore that demands and begs to find freedom. 

Depraved thoughts. 
Vile needs. 
A slut trapped behind promises and circumstances.  

I'm pissed the fuck off at fate. 
At choices. 
At the wait. 

The selfish greedy whore craves that tight leash more than food, water, or air. 

I want to do battle and bleed. 
I need His pain and destruction to unravel me inside and out. 
I crave brutal humiliation until I'm a crumple heap under his boot whimpering. 

Fuck me. 
Break me. 
Destroy me. 
Find me in the darkest recesses of my soul where no one has ever dared follow. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Monster

The monster reared in me. 
The slut. 
The whore. 
The gluttonous beast that craves a devil's kiss and more. 

So much more. 

His willing hungry victim begging for her undoing. 

An unraveling of my mind, body, and soul. 

His feast to torment, tease, and conquer until my screams echo between heartbeats. 

Until His wicked pleasure and sweet hot pain devour me. 

Thighs spread. 
X-rated breasts heave. 
Body convulsing. 
A cunt so sloppy wet and used yet still blooms in ravenous desire. 

A monster so hungry and needy she boarders on insane. 

His tongue strips me 
Of pride, 
Of modesty
Of self
As he taunts my immoral beast and devours and slurps my meat and shameful desire with greed. 

He demands from me everything that is me for His selfish Self. 

His dick. 
His hand. 
His fist.
Plows into my greedy cunt and hot, hungry ass. 

My cunt sucks on Him like a neglected babe. 

Endless sin. 
A devil's willing toy.
My wicked demented monster.  

The monster in me craves my hopeless fate. 

Will He save me and destroy me?

Does your dick throb with desire?
Does fear make you turn away?
Does my monster I try so desperately to bury repulse you?

She breathes. 
No matter how much she starves. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Of Me

Unable to fly. 

Circumstances ground me where I never imagined I'd be. 

My breath falters.
My vision fades. 
My blood slows.

Who am I?
What am I?
Where am I?


Caged once more. 
Unable to find my way back to where I once knew freedom. 

A yearning pain wraps around my body and soul. 
I let go a little further to what I once believed. 

Who am I?
What am I?
Where am I?

What will be...
Of me?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Twisted Thoughts

~sigh~ I am a twisted sick bitch. I admit it. The fantasies that play through my head are sheer madness.

Sitting on the bench of a packed subway car. He stands in front of me. My hand grazing his thigh. ~sigh~ In front of all those uppity midtowners...

I wanted his fist in my hair. 
I wanted him to unzip His jeans.
I wanted to feel Him fuck my face. His balls slapping my chin as I gagged and drooled. 
I wished He'd pull out my whorish tits and let them away with the train as everyone watched. 
I am a dark twisted fucking whore. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


When work is too quiet, my sex drive kicks in with a fierceness. My thought from the last hour...climbing on my desk...skirt pushed up over my hips...shirt n bra pulled down to let my huge tits swing...pussy devoured and then fingered until I gush. Think anyone would mind? lol

Monday, October 6, 2014

Utterly Nasty

The need had taunted me for days...a week. My fat heavy tits screamed for ravishment. There were moments where all I feel of myself is a set of full hanging utters. For the last several hours my Dom has worked His fat tits as I lay totally docile by His side. Fuck...I worship Him.

But I can't find words to explain the desperation clawing in the pitch black recesses of my soul. While there is an absolute physical element to this, It's not even really sexual. I'd bask right now in the pain, torture, and humiliation of my utters...His pathetic heifer. Tied up heaving breasts. The verbal abuse that my tits are stark evidence of my whorish soul. I ache for nipples so sore from being sucked, pinched, and worried that they hang long angry and red...I want every man, woman, and child to see those fat hard nipples begging for His attention. ~sigh~ I fantasize of rope, rubber bands, and neckties. I can't help that I want more of what He did to me this morning. I long for His crop's fiery licks and His fist's merciless punches. 

His utters crave use and abuse both physical and verbal. Fuck yes...His hot piss scorching the pale mounds and rosy nipples. His sick, twisted words. His sharp cutting teeth. 

~sick~ I am nothing more than His empty canvas for His violent strokes to take me places I've never gone and only just begun to dream. As always...His pet, His meat, His greedy fucking heifer is at His mercy.  I exist only under His Dominance.