Monday, August 1, 2011

Dance with Me in the Flames

I don't need dommed.
I don't need to dominate.
I need a battle between equals.

I need it rough.
I need it nasty.
I need it hard.

Choking and biting.
Slapping and pulling.
Pushing and reaming.

From fingers, hands, mouth.

Oh yes.
I am a Bitch.
But make me Your Whore.

And yes.
You are a Bastard.
And I'm claiming My dick.

Fuck you.
I don't feel like making it easy.

Fuck you.
I don't feel like serving.

Fuck you.
Serving me won't be enough.

Force me to take you
Between my fat kiss swollen lips.
To the back of my throat.

Don't stop.

My mouth...suck, slup.
My teeth...drag, nip.
My hands...slap, grip.

Don't stop.

Shove my legs wide.
Eat me like you're starved.
Push your fingers in me until it hurts.

Don't stop.

Drive me into a wall.
As you fill my hot, dripping cunt.
Hit bottom without apologies.

Don't stop.

Drag me by the hair to my hands and knees.
Spread my cheeks and sink into my tight, burning asshole.
Now take it like you own it.

Don't fucking stop.

I'm in heat.
A ferocious, consuming blaze.
Dance with me in the flames.

I crave.
I burn.
I rage.

Nothing will satisfy me but the fight.
Both of us left marked, sweaty, and exhausted.
Consumed by the passion and fire only we can create.
~A Vicious Little Kat


  1. God DAMN!!! That was fucking HOT. I think it almost melted my laptop, seriously. You almost owed me a new computer....

  2. glad I can heat things up for you! I'm really not the gentle type tho so you may want to proceed with caution. LOL ;-P