Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breaking Silence

I was curled up in his chair drifting off to sleep when I heard the door creak.  The soft tap-tap-tap of his shoes brought him to me and a small smile to my lips.  My eyes opened halfway to see his tall solid frame in front of me.  His face set.  He slowly pulled in a breath through his nose as he took in my bare toes, calves, and thighs.  Warm.  Soft.  Pale.  Continuing his visual assessment he studied the peek-a-boo of skin between the gape of one of his unbuttoned, perfectly pressed dress shirts, the cleavage of my breasts surrounding his loosened, black Armani tie, his shiny, expensive links binding the cuffs around my wrists.  As his gaze traveled back down my body, I soaked up the sight of him from under my lashes.

So prim.  So proper.  So confident.  He stood firmly in his dark blue business suit with his feet slightly spread.  I watched as he unbuttoned the coat and laid it gently across the table.  Our eyes meet.  I licked my lips boldly.  His jaw clenched.  He unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled his sleeves, baring his strong forearms.  Then his hands slowly rose to the buckle of his leather belt.  My pussy clenched fiercely and immediately began to melt.  My heart picked up speed with the sound and sight of that buckle opening and the leather sliding out of those loops.  Unhurried, he put both ends in the grip of his right hand, and I knew. My eyes helplessly shut as the rush of heat floods my cunt.

He took a step to the side of his chair and brushed a sweet gentle caress from the top of my head to my cheek.  I trembled and nuzzled into the heat of his palm, lost for a moment in the simplest touch.  He sweetly traced my ear, and I nearly cried.  I knew he was studying me.  Watching my every subtle response.  He slowly sank his hand into my hair, pulled tight and then added a swift tug so that my head tipped back almost painfully.  With the looped end of the belt he traced a line from my cheek, down my throat, then between my tits.  He paused then pushed the edges of his dress shirt back to expose my full, aching breasts to his stare.  I felt the firm edge of the leather tweak my hard nipples and tease my silver hoops.  My hands clenched on the arms of the chair.  I pressed my lips together to hold back my groan.

A tap-tap at my thigh.  I opened my eyes defiantly.  He knew I would.  His gaze was waiting for my stubborn rebelliousness.   A sharp pull on my hair.  A warning slap to my thigh.  I gave in, closed my lashes and spread my thighs to display my dripping, begging cunt.  I felt the belt caress the inside of my soft thigh.  Up.  Up. Until the flat band met my heat and stroked me.  I arched my hips seeking any friction.  Another stroke and another.  My soft quiet pants echoed in the silence as my juices bleed onto the leather.

A quick, stinging slap to my pussy was all the warning I had before he dragged me by my hair to stumble upright before being immediately turned around and pushed back down so that I was kneeling on the chair.  He held my head firmly so that my cheek pushed against the smooth back cushion.  My palms braced on each side of my head bracing myself as he demanded.  I could see nothing but the thick rod of his hard dick pressing against his dress pants.  While he would see every expression that crossed my face.  Every twitch.  Every wince.

He slowly released his fist from my hair.  I knew better than to move unless directed.  His hand slid firmly down my neck and between my shoulders.  As his stroked followed the path further he pushed down on my spine.  I arched my back at his subtle command and raised my ass further in the air.  He stepped behind me calmly to fondle and mold my ass cheeks.  With the belt he tapped each thigh, and I spread my legs as wide as the chair would allow.  My pussy was blatantly exposed.  Between my knees the drippings from my desire sprinkled the warm leather of the chair.  I felt the loss of his heat as he stepped back to assess me.

I couldn't see him.  I couldn't read his express to know if I pleased him.  But the flashes of the camera told me what I needed to know.  I held still knowing the images would please us both later.

He stepped closer and again his crotch filled my vision.  My mouth watered in need.  His hand stroked the bulge I longed to see, touch, and taste.  The distraction was my undoing as he laid the first lash to my ass with no restraint nor hesitation.  I couldn't surpress my gasp.  With no time to catch my breath another fell.  The crack echoed in the room.  I shut my eyes and waited.  He stepped away and paced behind me as he dropped a dozen more sweet, burning licks across my pale flesh.  My whimpers and pants in a strange perfect rhythm with the leathers harsh snaps.  I was so close.  So fucking close. With the harshest lash yet, I silently exploded refusing to cry out.  The splash of my cum filled the room, as a waterfall of sugar poured from quivering cunt.

My ass was on fire.  He gently stroked the 15 beautiful pink welts of his dominance.  I fought back the tears his tenderness  always evoked.  Then suddenly he shoved his three fingers deep inside me.  Another orgasm quickly ripped through me as he pumped me roughly.  I bit my lip, and the metallic taste of blood washed against my tongue.  Again, I gushed for his touch.  He pulled out and spread my sugar across my ass before he sank his strong fingers into me again to repeat the process over and over until I was coated to his perfection.

I could barely think.  I could only accept.  With the first stinging swing of his palm, I went under completely.  I surrendered.  I was lost to everything but him.  His palm warmed my flesh a half a dozen times before I felt his fingers push between my lips to suck my cum from his fingers.  That sweetness exploded in my mouth.  I licked and sucked each finger clean then went to work on his palm like a starving Kitten.

When I heard his zipper slide, I looked up to see his beautiful thick cock only inches from my lips.  He had stripped his shirt, and let his pants fall, only to be kicked to the side.  He was naked.  His full hardness and pulsing viens proof he was also hungry.

He moved behind me, and I felt his head slide up and down my swollen, slick lips.  I moaned.  I so desperately needed.  With his hand circling the base of his cock, he shook his head against the walls of my entrance demandingly.  Then I felt his thick rounded head sink into my hot, wet pussy.  A bruising grip held my waist, so I couldn't take any more of what I wanted most.  Seconds passed.  I whimpered.  The walls of my cunt sucked at him in wanton desire.  Still he waited.  I clawed desperately at the leather back in need.  Another shake.  A pause.  I tried to push against his hold.  His grip only tightened.  I was out of my mind with need.

Finally I broke.

"Sire..." I begged.  "Please fuck me.  Please...I need you, Sire.  I need you.  Fuck me.  Please Sire, I beg you to fuck your dirty, nasty whore."

Before the word whore had died in the air, I was rewarded swiftly and violently.  His dick drove into me deep and sure.  I screamed no longer holding back.  He pulled slowly back out, only to drive forcefully back into me taking what was his.  His ruthless slow fucking continued.  My orgasms toppled over one another as I squirted repeatedly over his dick and nuts.  Tears streamed down my cheek.  "Thank you, Sire.  Thank you," I panted between my shouts of release.

He sank into me fully again, filling my swollen flesh.  He released his grip on my waist, and I felt him clasp the collar of the dress shirt hanging from me.  Roughly he peeled it back pulling my arms behind me as he dragged the arms of his shirt inside out.  When the cuffs caught on my wrists, he bound me.  Pressed linen now restrained me as his prisoner.  I was at his mercy.

Slowly he pulled his thick, pulsing flesh from my cunt.  He clasped my forearm and pulled me upright.  In my daze, I never quite stood upright before he led me to my knees on the floor.  His raging dick and full sacks were drenched in my sugar.

He reached between my breasts and carefully grasped the ends his loosened black Armani tie.  As he raised the end above my head, the knot spun and the loop pressed against my throat.  His other hand fisted in my hair harshly.  I opened my mouth wide and waited, struggling slightly to catch a full breath.  A reminder of his total control.  After a moment, he closed the distance between us, and I greedily devoured his juice coated dick in one long, deep stroke.  His hot flesh burned my lips.  His head pushed firmly against the back of my throat as the fist in my hair drove me down further.  As I choked he let me up, but I returned immediately.  My only thought his pleasure.  My only desire the taste of his hot nut.

I sucked.  I swallowed.  I licked. I nibbled.  My teeth grazed his flesh.  My tongue danced on his head. The constant tightness to my scalp and the pressure against my throat added to my frenzy.  I slurped at the spit I left thickly coating his meat.

He slapped at my face when I wasn't doing as he desired.  He beat my cheeks and lips with his cock.  He fed me his nuts.  I relished it all.  To be his bitch.  His slut.  His cock-sucking whore.

A groan finally accompanied the wet sounds of my mouth.  My mouth fucked his dick in frantic need. He dropped the tie behind me and held my head in both hands and took absolutely control.  He pushed his cock to the back of my throat.  The tip of my nose brushed his abdomen.  He pulled out partially and then fucked my throat with short shallow strokes.  On a ragged shout his dick jumped and he flooded my mouth with an immense load of hot, creamy cum.  It dripped from my lips and down my chin to my nipples.  I swallowed and sucked and lapped at his flesh for every last drop.  His hands fell to his sides as I continued to clean and serve him.  I heard him suck in several deep cleansing breaths until finally he pulled away.

He reached over and grabbed a blanket which he draped across his chair.  He stepped behind me and released the knot that had held me so well.  Gently he pulled the shirt back over my cooling flesh, and grasped each of my hands.  He sat and pulled me to his lap, tucking my head under his chin.

He held me tightly.  Both of us trembling so slightly.  Then he whispered in my ear the words I longed to hear.

"Good girl.  Very good girl."

His lips met mine for a slow, loving kiss that tasted of my tears.

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