Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things I Selfishly Love

A list...

  • When he comes to bed and immediately reaches between my legs to play and tease.
  • My nipples being slowly teased.  Licking.  Sucking.  Rolled between fingers.  My rings slightly tugged.  
  • When he pushes my legs apart and eats like he's starving.
  • Knowing he can't wait to get in some part of me.
  • When he talks dirty to me.
  • Being filled with his dick within 60 seconds of shutting the door.
  • His hard dick in my hand when it probably shouldn't be.
  • His fingers in my cunt when they probably shouldn't be.
  • When she's on her knees licking me begging for more as he watches.
  • A long, slow, hard fuck before bed.
  • Waking up to a dick buried inside me.
I'm a selfish, greedy woman right now and unapologetically want what I want.
~A Naughty, Needy Kat

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