Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Truth...

Just a few things I've realized or been reminded of along the way...
  • To truly explore, discover, and unleash your sensuality requires brutal honesty with yourself.  In order to satisfy your needs, it requires that same brutal honesty with others.
  • Any good, strong relationship requires compromise and understanding.  However everyone has their limits.  Letting the ride blow past yours will only end in frustration, hurt, and pain.
  • The act of dominance is a desire and ability to command, control and guide one's environment in a manner one wishes. It can only be achieved if it is a natural expression of at least some aspect of one's natural nature.  It can not be faked.
  • The gift of absolute submission is a gift to a worthy dom and a gift to the submissive as well as it can only be achieved with a dom strong enough mentally, emotionally, and physically to guide the journey.
  • Just as in the vanilla world, fear can hold us back - emotionally, mentally, physically.
  • Real time BDSM is absolutely intimate.  Some treat it carelessly.  I do not.
~Just Kat

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