Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Morning

Wake me up.

Sink your fingers into my warm, soft pussy.
Play with me while I'm asleep.
Do anything you want.
My legs will spread even subconsciously.

For you.
To play.
With your whore.

Tease my sleepy cunt with your finger.
Slow and deep.
Feel its grip.
Oh yes...and the slippery silk of my juice.

Wet for you.
Begging for you.
All for you.

My hips begin to rock in my sleep.
My nipples tighten.
The dirty, nasty things you want to do race through your mind.
Your cock lengthens.

Take me.
I am yours.
I am your whore.

You stare at my open pussy.
You see me drip.
You know I'm ready.
You know what you want.

My clit.
My lips.
My hole.

To take.
At will.

You wrap your soaked hand around your dick.
Warm, wet, and slick.
You like to be covered in your whore's juice.
You stroke.

You move carefully between my soft, welcoming thighs.
Your hard head nudging my entrance.
I moan in my dreams.
You give in to your desire.

You sink.
And take.

One slow stroke.
Time is running out.

You pause at my entrance a breath.
Then slam into me.
I gasp.
I shutter.

And you take.
Your whore.
For your pleasure.

As I cum.
And cum.
And cum.

Good morning, Sire.

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