Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shared Hunger

Finally he was home.  I was so impatient.  I needed to know.  To hear.  I heard him drop off his things and mumble "where is she?" He walked into the living room and paused.  "Hmmm...what are you up to Kitten?"  My answer was simply the desperate whisper of his name.  I was sprawled across the couch on my back.  My head tipped over the armrest.  My flushed breasts bare.  The shirt and bra I had been wearing earlier rumpled on the floor.  My skirt bunched around my waist.  My legs spread.  One foot on the floor.  One leg over the back of the couch.  And between my thighs, my fingers slid through my wet open folds.

I was hungry.

He walked over and sat facing my spread thighs at the end of the couch.  A perfect view.  Less than an arms length away.  My knee grazed his calf.  My ankle but a kiss away.  I could feel his heat.

"And what have you been busy doing, baby."  I could hear both the bit of amusement and the early stages of desire in his voice.  He rested his warm hand on my knee then crept it up high inside of my thigh where the dampness from my earlier orgasm still lingered.  He let his thumb tease and caress me, working that sweet juice into my skin.

I replied in a hoarse, whisper, "I was waiting for you.  I kept imagining it all.  Tell me, baby.  Please tell me.  Don't make me wait any longer."  My index finger snaked over my throbbing, pouty clit.  That little nub hard and red, begging for more attention.  I dipped two fingers in my dripping hole and dragged my slickness across my clit to satisfy my needs.  It didn't help.  It only amped me up.

His hand crept higher until it was his thumb on my clit.  I groaned.  Our intertwined fingers played with my exposed pussy.  His lips kissed my ankle.  "What do you want me to tell you, Kitten?"  He nipped at my calf.  "Do you want to know if my silly, little pet wrapped her lips around my dick and sucked me off."

With the last syllable, he eased his index finger into my begging hole.  In and out.  Slow and easy.  He teased.  "Yes, tell me please," I cried in response to the imaginary scene in my head and the scene I was very much in the middle of experiencing. 

"You do love it when I cum, don't you?"  In and out.  In and out.

"Yes."  A gasp for breath.  "I love when you cum, Daddy."

"Play with your tits.  This is mine to play with."  His lips had continued their journey up the length of my calf and past my bent knee.  His tongue licked at the wetness coating my thigh.

He started to tease me with their warm up g-rated banter as his finger pumped my lightly.  With my groan of frustration and my tearing eyes, he realized the depth of my need.  "Sire," I begged.  "Please."

"Look at me," he demanded.

When I met his eyes, three fingers sank into me firmly.  "She wasn't you.  No one could be you.  She's couldn't be My sweet, greedy, nasty whore."  Eyes wide, I gasped at he finally granted me the touch I so craved.  "She unzipped my pants and nuzzled my dick with her face.  I liked it.  But I had to close my eyes and imagine it was you for a moment.  She started sucking my dick and licking at my head with her tongue."  He paused and rolled his hand so that his curled against my g-spot.  He shifted his body closer and wrapped his other hand against my throat.  His fingers began to beat inside me.  I gasped.  "Is this what you wanted to hear?"  The beat intensified.  I was so close.  "How I pulled off her shirt and tugged at her nipples?"  Harder.  Faster  "How she wrapped my dick between her breasts and fucked me with them?"  My hips frantically moved in synch with his rhythm.  "How I grabbed her by her hair and choked her with my dick again and again until I fucking came down her throat."  My mind exploded, I wailed his name, and my spasming cunt poured a river over his hand.  

The waves of my orgasm continued to crash over me as he milked me.  "There's my girl.  Cum for Sire, bitch.  Take it.  God, your fucking beautiful."  His released my throat and tugged at my nipples.  He slowed the beating inside me and let the intensity of my orgasm fade slightly.  His fingers pulled out of me to spread my thick full lips wide. 

"Now I want what's fucking mine," he growled as he lowered his head to my sugar-glazed lips.  Unprepared, I cried out harshly.  I could feel his tongue lap at my lips and tease my still quivering hole.  He worried my clit with his teeth then latched on to suck viciously.  I thrust my hips into his x-rated kiss.  His arms circled my thighs and held me firmly to him.  I began to pant as I watched him devour me.

When he lifted, he looked up at me with hunger in his eyes.  "You are always what I fucking crave.  No matter what.  This is mine."  He returned to dive his tongue deeply inside me.  Licking my wetness away as fast as it came.  As he released my thigh, his face dipped lower and he dragged his fat tongue from the base of my cunt to my clit.  I was on the verge of another powerful orgasm.  He lapped at me as I heard his zipper.

"I always come back to you and us.  Don't I?  No one comes close to giving me what you do.  And I want it fucking now."

He rose up and buried his fat throbbing dick inside my hot, wet heat.  "Take it, bitch.  Take Daddy's dick."  His lips closed over mine for a brutal kiss.  I tasted myself like a drug I couldn't resist.  His hips worked me furiously, drive his cock to fuck me without mercy.

As our kiss broke, I sucked and licked my juice from his cheeks and chin.  "Yes, baby.  Take your whore.  Give it to me," I pleaded.  "Fuck me Sire.  Fuck. Your. Whore."

He growled.  It sent me over the edge, and my juice rained over his pistoning dick.   "Yes, cum for me bitch."

"Now take."  

He shoved himself inside me one last time, and his hot cream flooded into me.  I cried out and came again grounding my hips against his.

Out of breath.
Our hearts racing.

He leaned his forehead against mine.

I whispered, "Welcome home, baby."
~A Dirty, Naughty Lil Kat

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