Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finding Daddy's Little Girl: Part I

Yesterday, in the process of being a smart ass about my lover's age, we somehow found ourselves in our first teasing banter involving Daddy and his Little Girl (age play.)  Things quickly heated up as we both immediately found ourselves responding intensely to the concept and potential.  I was extremely surprised by my violent and complete need for this once we cracked the door to this room open.  My pussy was so wet I could barely sit still.  The following is the initial exploration in my head about what being Daddy's Little Girl could be...
I knock on the door and clutch the edge of my skirt just a bit, nervous and shy.  My sweetest little dress.  My shiny, black Mary Janes.  My pale stockings with the tiny pink bows.  And my pretty ruffled panties.  He told me to dress my best for him.  I want to please him so.

The door slowly opens and there he is.  All polished and put together in his pristine suit and tie. With a big smile I hop into his arms and rain kisses on his check.  "Daddy!"  He wraps me up in his big strong arms and instantly all is right in my world.  He nudges the door shut, then steps back to take in me in.  "Turn around so I can see."  I slowly turn so he can judge me from head to toe.  "Very, very nice.  Now the rest."  I tuck my chin just a bit then slowly my hand creeps down to my hem.  I hesitate.  "Show Daddy, Kitten."  Inch by inch I lift up my sweet little dress to show Daddy my ruffled panties and slowly turn around so he can see my plump tush.  I finish my spin and hold my breath.  He sits down on the couch still looking me up and down.  "You've been a very good girl, sweetheart.  Come sit on Daddy's lap."

With a little clap and a big smile, I crawl into My Daddy's lap and nuzzle up against his neck so I can smell his yummy scent and feel his arms engulf me.  "I missed you Daddy so much!"  With another kiss to his cheek,  I settle into his warmth.  "I missed you too, Kitten."  His hand reaches up to touch my cheek and I turn into his caress.  "Kitten..."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

"What, Daddy?"

His thumb reaches down to rub my soft lips.  He whispers in my ear, "Open your mouth and give Your Daddy a big girl kiss like a good girl."

His lips gently sweep down on mine and his tongue licks my lips encouraging me to open.  The heat and spice of his tongue bursts into my mouth.  With a sigh, I'm lost.  His initial gentle slip into my mouth quickly becomes a full thorough exploration and claiming.  His hand tightens on my jaw and holds me captive for his demands.  My hands clench his shirt.  My thighs tighten together.  When he pulls away, I'm left gasping and clinging.

I whimper at the loss of his lips, at the ache he's created.  "Daddy, those big girl kisses always make me feel achy. It almost hurts."

"Where does it hurt, Kitten?"

I look away embarrassed.

"Tell Daddy.  Where does it hurt?  I can't help you if you don't tell me, baby."

I lean into him and whisper so softly, "My boobies, Daddy.  They hurt so much when I give you big girl kisses."

"Do you want Daddy to make it better, Kitten?"

"Oh please, would you Daddy?"

"I'm going to have to rub them a lot to make that ache go away."

"But Daddy, you told me not to let any boys touch my big boobies."

"Yes, but I'm your Daddy, and I always do what's best for you, don't I?"

"Yes, you do.  You're the best Daddy ever.  Ouch they're sooooooo sore."

"Just rest your head Kitten, and let me take care of you."  He pulls my head to his shoulder and rubs my back to soothe me as his fingers lightly trace the outside of my full fat lush breast.  I gasp at the sensation and whimper.  "More Daddy, please...."  Slowly he eases me into his touch until his hand cups and molds my heavy tit.  I'm breathless and arching into his firm grip.  "Daddy...the points hurts sooooo much now."  I'm practically in tears.

"Let me see them, Kitten.  Let me kiss them and make it better?"

I swiftly tug down the sleeves of my dress and my breasts fall out, begging for attention.  I hear him suck in a breath at the sight of me.  He leans me back on the arm of the couch as his head drops to take a nipple into his hot mouth.  I cry out in pleasure.  As he sucks my fat hard nipple, his fingers rub and tug at my other.  I'm lost.  "Do you like that, Kitten?"

"Oh yes, Daddy.  Thank you.  Please don't stop.  It feels so good!"

"Tell me...have you been a good girl or a naughty girl?"

I bite my lip not wanting to admit my naughtiness, but he notices immediately my silly tell.

"Tell me, Kitten."

With a pout, "I was a little naughty, Daddy.  I'm so sorry.  I tried so hard to be good."  His lips circle my other nipple and suck it deep into his wet heat.  I feel his teeth graze my skin, and I groan.

"Tell me, Kitten so I can decide your punishment."

With a gasp as his tongue flickers over my nipple, "Yes, Daddy.  I was a bad girl....."

To be continued...
Part II

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