Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daddy's Naughty Girl - Part II

In case you missed Part I

As his tongue continued to flicker over my nipple, I tried to concentrate on my confession.  His hands molded my breasts and scattered my thoughts.  "Tell, Daddy now.  Tell me what my naughty little girl did."  He rolled both my of my fat, hard nipples between his fingers tightly.

Gasping from his touch, I squeezed my eyes shut, and the words I didn't want to say tumbled out, "Daddy, I know it was naughty, but I took one of your earrings.  It was so pretty and sparkly, and I just wanted to wear it.  I wanted to be close to you when we were far apart.  I brought it with me, so you could have it back.  Please don't be mad at me, Daddy.  Please.  I'm sorry."

His palms flattened out, and he continued to stroke my heaving tits.  His touch getting lighter and lighter until I could no longer feel his heat.  I whimpered from the loss, and from beneath lowered lashes I risked a glance at his face.

He was waiting for me to meet his eyes.  When I immediately looked away, his reaction was swift.  He grasped my chin firmly.  "Look at me when I'm about to speak to you little girl,"  he said sternly.

I could tell he was angry.  Tears began to well in my eyes, but I found the courage to meet the fierce pools of his stare.

"Not only did you take something that didn't belong to you, but you didn't tell me when I asked if you had seen it.  I'm extremely displeased.  Turn over.  You deserve a very harsh spanking for this - very harsh."

"But Daddy..."  A sharp slap to my cheek silenced my plea.

"There will BE NO whining, lil girl.  NONE.  Now turn over, or I'll get my belt too."

"Please...."  Another sharp slap as a tear fell from my lashes.


With my heart racing, I scrambled to turn over and bend myself over his lap.  He laid one hand across my back holding me firmly in place and flipped up my dress with the other.  Immediately he landed a solid spanking across my ruffled covered bottom.  I grunted at the sting.  Another fell and another.  I knew not to say anything until asked.  From one cheek to another.  The burn continued to build and build.  "You were a very," - smack - "very," - smack - "bad girl."  I whimpered.

He paused in his spanking and molded each of my cheeks in turn.  His bruising grip was both painful and comforting, yet his words ran through me to my core.  "You know better than to take things.  You know better than to not tell Daddy when he asks you things.  Didn't I give you a present last time?  Didn't I???" Smack.

A tiny squeal escaped me.  "Yes, Daddy.  Yes, you did.  I'm sorry,"  I cried.  The blooming burn accentuated the impact of his palm's continued firm strikes.  I was panting.  A pressure was building deep in me as he continued his spanking.  I tried to hold it back.  I was trembling, squeezing my legs tight.

"I am disappointed in you.  You," - smack - "were," - smack - "a naughty," - smack - "little" - smack - "bitch!"  - smack - smack.  The pressure broke, I erupted with the last and harshest blow as a sensation came over me I couldn't understand.  I cried out, and tears streamed down my cheeks.

"Daddy...daddy...I'm sorry.  I'm sorry," I sniffled.  "Daddy, please stop.  I'll never do it again.  Please stop...Daddy...," I sobbed.  "I made a mess, Daddy.  I'm messy.  I'm soooo sorry."

"What are you talking about?"

Suttering just a little as I tried unsuccessfully to hold back my tears, "Daddy...when you sp-spanked me the last time, I made a mess in my p-panties.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry."

His hand which had been poised for another slap fell to the back of my bare knee.  "Spread your legs a little.  Let me see."  A small wiggle to my ass, I did as I was told.  His hand so firm moments earlier gently and slowly slid up my thigh to drag across my damp skin.  I moaned helplessly in response.  As he trailed his finger tips up the crotch of my soaked panties, I cried out and panted.  "Daddy..."

His hand continue its rise to rest on the rumpled ruffles covering my ass.  Gently he caressed my burning sore bottom, quieting me down ever so slowly.  His other hand stroked up and down my back.  When I could finally catch my breath, I turned my head to look at Daddy's face.  His head was leaned back with his eyes closed, thinking.

"I'm so sorry, Daddy," I whispered.

"Come here, Kitten."

"But...," I began to protest.

"'s okay.  Come here."

I turned over and cuddled into my Daddy's neck with a sniffle, and he wrapped his arms around me tightly.  "Do you know what you did, Kitten?"  I replied with a little shake to my head.  He leaned closer to my ear as his finger began to trace the shell.  He whispered softly, "You did the sweetest, most amazing thing.  You made sugar for Daddy."

I arched my head into his loving touch.  In my quietest voice, "I don't understand, Daddy."

"I know you don't, Kitten.  But it means you're ready to be a big girl now like you want."

"Really, Daddy?  Really?  You're going to show me how to be a big girl for you?"

"Yes, baby.  You're ready."  His lips kissed my ear.  Then just a bit gruffly Daddy told me, "Now let's go lay on the bed, so I can show you what it means to be a big girl, Kitten.  I want you to make more sugar for your Daddy."

To be continued...
Part III
~A Very Naughty Kitten

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