Monday, July 18, 2011

I Love to Fuck

I love to fuck.
Pure and simple.

I need it dirty.

Oh yes...
And that's how he gives it to me.

I want My Man to crave me.

My soft, greedy mouth.
My dripping, squirting cunt.
My hot, tight asshole.

I love to feel his hands all over me.



Every time we fuck I want to feel like he's leaving his mark on me.

Making me His.

His nasty bitch.
His dirty slut.
His filthy, cum-sucking whore.

When we fuck, I love it when he talks nasty.
I need it like that.


Push me.

I need him to take me like he wants.
His strength unleashed.
His conscious no longer bound.

I want to gag on his thick fucking meat.
My mouth full.
The scent of his dick and nuts filling the air I breathe.

My lips bruised.
My hair pulled hard to serve well.
My face slapped.

I want him to ream my pussy.
Spread my legs wide.
Completely exposed.

My hard, begging clit rubbed and tweaked.
My dripping hole forced to allow his fingers and tongue.
His dick shoved deep as he ride me hard until I squirt rivers.

I want him to push me on my hands and knees.
Shove my face to the bed.
Slap my full white cheeks until they're hot and pink.

Feel the burn as his fat head spreads me wide.
"Take it...."
"Take Daddy's dick, bitch."

Until he feeds my asshole every fucking inch of his hard shaft.
Stroking faster.
Pushing harder.

Until he pounds my asshole with every bit of strength he has.
Until my sugar coats his nuts and drips down my soft quivering thighs.
Until he shoots his nut deep in my hot, gripping ass.

I want to milk his dick of every hot sticky drop of cum.
I want to suck and fuck him until the only thing he can say is my name.
I want to please him again and again until he knows he'll never know fucking better than me.

I love to Fuck.
I love to Fuck My Man.

I am His Bitch.
I am His Slut.
I am His Whore.

I am His Queen.

And I fucking love it.

Any questions?
~A Very Feisty Nasty Kat

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