Saturday, July 16, 2011

In That Moment

He pushed me off the edge.
And I flew.
Higher than I ever have.

I flew to his command.

Spiraling through the night.
Guided by his hand.
Led by his voice.

I was as fragile as a petal.
I was as strong as steel.

I was nothing.
I was everything.

I was His.

He claimed me as I have never been claimed.
He left me breathless.
He left me stunned.

His sternest demands.
His gentlest touch.

I was undone.
I was lost.

He lifted me up so high I couldn't think.
He brought me back to the safety of his arms.

And I broke.
I shattered.
Into a thousand pieces.

And he refused to let go.

In that moment.

When he held onto me so tightly.
When his heat surrounded me.
As my tears fell, and my breath caught.

I clung to him.

Every lash.
Every touch.
Every word.
Every stroke.
Every caress.

Led to this moment.

My absolute submission.
His total acceptance of all I would give.

In that moment...

He became My Daddy.
He was My Master.

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