Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Dream in the Rain

Finally...the relief of a summer storm.  Twilight.  The wind danced through the woods.  The thunder rumbled.  I toed off my sandals and felt the cool, damp grass lick my feet.

A glance behind me.  I was politely hidden and tucked away from society's chains.  I couldn't help the naughty little smile.

I lifted my face to the sky as my fingers drifted to the edge of my tank clinging to my skin.  Slowly I peeled it from my heated body and over my head.  Then I shed the restraint of my sports bra and bared myself to nature.

Raising my hands to the storm I arched my back and felt the fresh tingle of the rain kiss my full, aching breasts.  Those seductive drops teased my nipples and caressed my mounds.  I closed my eyes and gave in to it all.

I thought of you.

I wanted you there.  I wanted to feel the heat of your bare skin at my back.  I wanted to feel your large, firm hands reach around to cup and mold my begging slick tits as your warm lips nuzzled and nipped my neck.  I wanted to hear you whisper that I was fucking beautiful and that you were taking what belonged to you.  I wanted to feel your teeth mark me as yours.

As I imagined this all, my hands ran down my arms and across my shoulders.  Slowly, I lowered them to grip the heavy weight of my wet breasts.

I moaned.

I needed.

I wanted.

As I tugged at my nipples, I thought of you doing the same.  In my mind I felt one hand drift down my stomach to open my shorts.  You growled as you bured your fingers in the drenched heat between my thighs.  I leaned against your strength, pushed and kicked my shorts away, and gave you the access you demanded.  My hands reached behind me to push down your pants, and then my hands were filled with your hard, thick dick.  Yes.  Oh yes.  The feel of you burned my palms.  The stroke of your fingers to my clit and my dripping cunt stole my breath.  Your grip of my tit fed my need.  As the rain fell, our passion flared.

You turned me and sank your fingers in my hair, tugging me hard to you.  My breasts pressed tight against your chest.  Your dick pulsed hard and long against my belly.  "Look at me.  Look me in the eyes as I take you."  I trembled.  You raised your fingers to your lips, and I watched as you tasted every drop of me.

Once you finished, your hand dropped to my thigh and pulled it to your waist.  My leg wrapped around you.  I was open.  Ready.  Waiting.  "Please...."  The rain fell harder seemingly mirroring our need.  I felt you position yourself and rub your fat head against my slippery clit.  I whimpered.  You teased and then you were poised at my entrance, holding me firmly in place  So close.  Your face leaned down.  My eyes closed as I felt you lick the rain drops from my lips.  Then slowly your tongue filled my mouth for your soul searing kiss.

As you pulled back, you tugged my hair again, forcing me to open my eyes.  You rocked into me just a hair then shifted away.  Again.  "Say it."  Again you tortured me.  "Tell me."  My nails digging into your shoulders, the truth ripped from my heart, "I love you.  I'm yours."

"I'm yours."

Another growl and a grip so tight bruises blossomed, your shaft sank into my hot, slick cunt in one full, deep stroke.  I cried out in satisfaction and desire.  You took. You claimed.  Again and again you filled me.  Your teeth on my neck.  Your arm held firm across my back.  I clung to you.  Your powerful thrusts took us higher and higher.  There was nothing but you, me, and the storm above us.  The storm raging between us.

With a crash of thunder my orgasm slammed into me.  My cries echoed against the trees.  The warm gush of my cum rained over your cock and nuts setting off a last brutal drive into me as your cum flooded me and you growled in furious release.  My orgasm continued.  Wave after wave rolling through my body.  My pussy clenched and milked you, draining every drop of nut.

Breathlessly clinging to one another beneath the sweet, beautiful rain, you whispered in my ear the words I longed to hear, "I love you.  I'm yours."

"I'm yours."
~A Dreamy Kitten in the Rain

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