Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A good submissive knows her place, embraces her role, and serves her dominant.  A good dominant guides, pushes the submissive for the better, and encourages their best qualities.  That vulnerable submissive gives all that she can.  That firm yet protective dom embraces and cherishes that gift.

Yet everyone has their limit.  What they are capable and simply not capable of.  Safe.  Sane.  Consensual.  The foundational law of all that is BDSM.

A submissive should not give to her detriment.  I simply can not.  I give all that I am.  If more is hoped for, requested, pushed, demanded, it doesn't matter.  It is not there for me to give.

A dom should not take just because he can or believes it is his right.  A dom shouldn't push and push and push hoping to win or get his way.  To be my true dom, ultimately he must want what is best for me and be willing to see and accept that some things do not support or encourage my well being.

When I submit, I place all that I am in his hands.
When I submit, I am more vulnerable than ever.

I must be able to trust my dom on all levels - intellectually, emotionally, and physically.  The loss of any of those three will destroy the fragile ties that bind us.
~An Introspective Lioness

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