Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something to You

I no longer know what tomorrow may bring.
I simply do my best to weather the storms that blow my way.

I closed my eyes.
I let go.
I gave everything I had to give.

I have no regrets.
I took my chance.
I laid bare my soul.

I no longer know what tomorrow will bring.
I have no influence over the direction the wind blows.

Love may only last a year.
A month.
A week.
A moment.

But when I love,
I will give all I have.

A foolish whore.
A passionate woman.
A cynical romantic.
A silly girl.

I may be all of those.
But at least I tried my best.

I no longer know what tomorrow may bring.
I can not affect the tides of others' threatening seas.

Decisions are no longer mine.
The impacts I can not cushion.

I can only sit by and watch.
I can only hold my breath and wait.

The cost may be too much.
The price too high to pay.

But hopefully...
At least for a moment...

You will find,
My love is worth something.

Something to you.
~A Very Quiet Kitten

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