Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

The thud and bite of the flogger.
I let go go.
And gave myself to him.

My cunt dripped.
I came.
Again and again.

The strikes of those pliant vicious ends.
Pushing me past who I am,
To who I could be.

He commanded.
His voice stern and uncompromising.
A reflection of his hands.

Yes, Sire.
Thank you, Sire.
More please, Sire.

The blazing sting of the paddle.
The tears that filled my eyes.
The tender skin of my ass in flames.

I gasped.
I cried.
I accepted.

And when Sire caressed my heated ass.

I shattered for his touch.
I fucking begged for it.

I needed that soft, comforting touch in a way I'd never dreamed.
Those brief, tender whispers were my lifeline.
My sanity.

Then it began again.
And I've crossed a line, I can never return from.

Yes, Sire...Alice down the rabbit hole.
~A Kat Helpless as a Kitten

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