Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Impossible Basics

It really shouldn't be this fucking difficult.  It shouldn't.  But it is.  And no matter how much explanation I provide it seems an impossible outline to complete.

Straight forward.

I'm the other, other woman.  I'm the Mistress to the Mistresses.  I get that.

Yes.  I've found a few limits, but are they really too much?  That constrictive?

Yes.  I know there's likely to be Mistresses to me as well if not already.

~sigh~ Maybe I'm foolish.  Maybe I'm an idealist with unrealistic expectations, but if the honesty and straight forward aren't in place, then everything is just bullshit any way.  Maybe it already is, and as I've been accused of - I'm really just lying to myself.
~Bitchy Lioness

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