Saturday, September 6, 2014

His Leash

Most of the time, I'm a good girl.

I never tug at my leash in distraction or disinterest from my Owner, seeking to play somewhere else.

I never chew at my leash wishing to be set free of my captivity.

I never respond lazily to my Owner's commands.

I never ignore my Owner out of spite or anger or frustration.

While i may sometimes forget a protocal in my haste, I never disobey a direct order from my Owner.

Yes, most of the time, I'm a good girl, but I'm beginning to understand what happens when I'm not so good.

Sometimes I yank my leash out of fear. I lock my knees because I'm afraid to go down that road. It's rocky and I fall and when others took me on that road we ended up parting ways. A dog's fear requires a firm steady hand and patience.

Sometimes i pull at my leash to feel the tension. To feel the choke collar tighten around my neck because I simply crave that comfort and security.

Sometimes I yank on my leash to get my Owner's attention. Whether my action is met with anger and frustration or calm nurturing at least He sees His pet again and remembers I'm on His leash.

I need to work to be more conscience of why and when I'm not so good and somehow positively communicate with my Owner my emotions, so that together we can move forward in synch.

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