Sunday, November 24, 2013

Penance and Absolution

I wasn't...right.

I could feel the offness of me.
An undeniable call toward an unfamiliar desire.

I couldn't sleep.
My sex cold.
Yet hot skin vibrated.

Need coursed.
Through trembling veins.
Sprung of an aching soul.

There...a tug at that door I kept closed.
Fuck...understanding bloomed.
And knocked me to my knees in shame.
I craved merciless and overwhelming wrath.

My frantic mind longed.
For the silent serenity of my echoing screams.
My tender heart begged
For the sweet bliss of violent cruelty.

I needed to hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt HURT.
Harsh slaps, hair wrenching, groping grabs, and punishing shoves.
I was desperate to wallow helplessly bound in the darkest of darkness.
Where I truly abandoned all control, reason, and sanity.
And gave in to...You.

I wanted to be destroyed at Your fists.
Broken and shattered at Your feet.
A tear stained, bruised mass.
Mindless in the purity of fear and pain.

I hungered for Your most sadistic punishment.
So I could surrender my pain, sorrow, and fear.
To Your ultimate Domination.
I sought to sate You with the deepest of sacrifices.

To sob beg cringe moan bruise plead and bleed for You.
To make amends and offer willing humiliation and agony.
I would have gratefully welcomed Your vicious torment.

I was lost in the haze.
Held hostage that night by my need.
For my submission to be ripped from my soul.

I needed You, M.
Your Beast without restraint.

My penance.
Your absolution.

That's all I craved.

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