Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stolen Heart

He whispered in my ear this morning and stole my heart all over again for the thousandth time.  It never fails to stun me how well and how often our needs echo one another - the physical fire between us, the mental delight and challenge, and the sweet, encompassing love.  I'm getting use to how much I crave Him, but to be wanted and loved so fiercely by Him undoes me.  I'm not sure I'll ever get use to it.

M is such a passionate Man.  When He turns that raw, honest intensity towards me whether in heated lust or deep love, I simply crumble.  I have no defense.  No pride.  No dignity.  I drown in Him.  The woman that rarely ever cried gets completely overwhelmed and sheds helpless tears.  I feel Him wrap so tightly around me.  I breathe Him.  And I find myself feeling safer than I have ever been.  I am protected and cherished.  I've never been loved or wanted as a woman so much in my entire life.  I have never had a Man so strong and sure of me and Us.

In my past I've been accused of being too passionate.  I suppose that's why I've shared my love and myself with so few.  For me, I'm either on or off.  Never luke warm or iffy.  I love hard and deep and strong, or I don't love at all.  That kind of love leaves me incredible vulnerable.  I know.  However, even now at the experienced age of 40, I can only recognize the danger in my vulnerability to Him, but I can't hold myself back with M.  And I shouldn't.  That's the beauty and the risk of D/s.  

M is the first to return that same kind of love freely, and why my heart and soul and my submission are in His hands.

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