Monday, January 31, 2011

Things I've Learned So Far

Random shit I've learned so far in my journey...

  • This shit is complicated.  There are rules.  There are protocols.  There are various styles of approach.  But you can make it what YOU want as long as you respect others boundaries.
  • There seems to be a greater percentage of crazy people in this community than most others.  I guess I fit in quite nicely.  Okay...maybe not.  But at least I'm no longer the REALLY crazy bitch. lol
  • There's a lot of vanilla folks that think they're kinky, but they soooooo aren't.  
  • I'm not as big of a freak as I thought I was.  Lotsa folks have me WAY out-freaked.  
  • The community is quite open and welcoming as a whole.
  • I, I REALLY like floggers.  Hehehehe  Can't wait to learn and experience more on either side of that lovely fall.
  • Being a switch is challenging.  The two sides of me are not necessarily conducive to one partner.
  • The mental aspect of BDSM is the most challenging to play out.  I definitely need more practice and experience to get where I know I want things.
  • My dominant side is still in it's infancy.  But I do love that Bitch.
  • My sub side is such a naughty whore.  lol
  • Intellectually I still don't get events.  I know...I know...I need to go to some.
  • There's different "fractions" within the BDSM world and swingers seem to be looked down upon by certain portions of the D/S realm.  I think the whole ownership/"this is mine" premise doesn't mesh well with "sharing".  Imagine that?
  • Many aspects of this journey suit me quite well.  I've found a place where my thoughts and desires are not frowned upon and perceived as negative, but celebrated and encouraged.  For that I am very grateful.
And so the journey continues...
~A Content Kat for the Moment


  1. No as we were talking yesterday D/S and Swinging don't go together well. And in this piece I think you hit it on the head, it is hard to be a Dom and say this is MINE (or you are mine) and then say but I will Share.

    I think that is why Pam and I do FMF better. Then I can say THEY are Mine... Especially when I am in a Dom type of Head space.

    Thanks for some information into my own head,
    Gary and Pam

  2. @PandanBear...but they go so well in MY head! lol