Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Search

We search.
Seeking the one.

The one to fulfill our desires.
Soothe our cravings.
Satisfy our desperate needs.

We search.
For each other.

Could you be what I need?
Are you simply looking for me?

Do you close your eyes and wish for my hot, wet mouth?
My hands stroking your pleasure.
In your dreams am I underneath you?
Begging for more, taking everything you'll give me.

Do you want what only I can give you?
The consuming passion.
The seductive pleasure.
Your breathless peace.

Let me ease the ache you have.
Be your sweet bitch.
Let me take you deep into my mouth until you're lost.

Bend me over.
Bury yourself in my heat.
Take exactly what you desperately crave.
Give me the pleasure that I long for.


I will give.
Eager and oh so willing.
Let me please you.

Could you handle me?
Would I be enough?
Would I be too much?

Or am I exactly what you've always wanted?
~ Naughty Kat

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