Monday, January 3, 2011

The Chains

I struggle against the chains that bind me.
Those that have slowly weaved their way around me.
The ones I've placed on myself.
And the few I have left from society's demand.

I fight.
I defy.
I rebel.

All fail.
None can, will, or want to succeed.
I give my best.
Yet it's never enough.

The chains bite.
I bleed.
My fault.
I shouldn't have struggled so.

Silly emotions cloud reality.
Useless desires never meant to be satisfied.
Is the road to peace really in a patchwork of pieces?

A mistress is better than a fool.
Just as truth is better than illusion.
An empty bed is better than unending failure.
Just as harsh reality is better than heartbreak.

I question my sanity.
I question my strength.
I question my needs.
I question my desires.

I've never known faithful.
I've never known true.
I've never seen happiness.
I've never seen denial.

Always open and willing.
To her affection.
To her desires.
To her warm, willing cunt.

A constant search for more.
An unending quest for adventure.

The chains bite.

I bruise.
I bleed.

Yet I continue to struggle.
Against a fate I have no hope to escape.
~ A Mistress

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