Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not Tamed

I'm not tame.

I tried once.
I tried not to be me.

I tried to be docile, suburban, respectable.

I failed.
I wilted.

It broke something in me.
Never again.

I'm not obedient.
I'm not domestic.

I won't live at your feet and wait for attention.
I won't sit patiently by while my needs are ignored or shrugged off.
I won't beg to be fed by your hand.

I was not bred to be a yippee, useless lap dog.

I need to run.
Will you run with me?
Could you keep pace?

I need to play.

Would you encourage me to be me?
Could we play, roam and explore together?

Or would you simply want me panting and waiting for you to find time for me?
Don't bother.

I need a mate.
A partner.
An equal.

Let us chase the wind.
Let us jump the moon.
Let us soar.


Take me where I long to go.
Let me take you where you've never been.

Are you strong enough?
Brave enough?
Man enough?

Challenge me.
Match me.

I dare you.
~A Fierce and Defiant Kat

Summarizing a statement from last week that left an impression...  "You're not house trained.  If the door opens up, you'll run.  You wouldn't be waiting on the porch for a man to come back."  lol  That analogy pretty much sums it up.  I'm not some pretty little thing to wait patiently while a man goes to play.  I won't wait behind forgotten and ignored.  I won't settle for less than I deserve.  I'm simply asking for respect and to be valued for who and ALL that I am.  To be a partner and a priority.

Make no mistake.  This is not about loyalty.  Once my loyalty is given (unless you give me cause to break it) I will fight, protect, and stand with you...lover, friend, family.  Even if I have to run 1,000 miles to get there.  Even if I haven't set eyes on you in 15 years.  It makes no difference.  If my loyalty is yours...I will be there.  This is why I am extremely selective about who I give my loyalty to.  It must be earned.  It must be respected.  It must be valued.

And yes...I do know I expect and demand too much of those close to me.  Then again, I'd rather have a small yet strong circle around me than a large weak one that will scatter and run when called on.

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