Monday, January 10, 2011

Mind Fuck

Oh yes...the delicious Mind Fuck everyone so chats about and plays with.  The fear they inspire.  The confusion they direct.  The anguish they mold.  Bravo to those doms for giving their subs and slaves what works for them.  But my idea of a Mind Fuck is quite different.  Imagine not following tradition even in a non-traditional scene.  *sigh*  Must I always do things the hard way?

The mind is the most powerful and sensual organ we have.  Without it we are nothing but rutting animals in heat.  My hope and wish as a sub... My challenge and focus as a Domme...  My vision of a Mind Fuck is the exploration and exploitation of the mind to amp up my lover's sexual energy to never before experienced heights.  A journey where my lover abandons today, stresses, concerns...reality completely and becomes so deeply entrenched in me - in us - in the sexual power and energy we create that the need to be in that moment and for more is as necessary as breathing.  To lose yourself in the pleasure we create.  To drown in the ecstasy that we bring together through a strong foundation of trust, intention, communication and effort.  To create such a physically, emotionally, and mental sexual experience that when their orgasm finally breaks or the scene finally winds down, the release is shattering.

As a sub I want to be mindless with pleasure.  Driven to need my lover's touch like I need air.  Completely at the mercy of my lover's skill, control, and demands.  To forget thought, reason, resistance, and my guards and absorb all that my lover will give me.  To be pushed past where I am me and exist only as a sexual tension and energy that explodes at my lover's will and desire.

As a Domme I want my lover to be lost in me.  All resistance disintegrated, where nothing exists but my every touch, my delicious tongue, my hot wet mouth, my juicy cunt, my hot tight asshole...everything that is me.  To crave me and what I do like a fucking drug they can't get enough of.  To know I am the One.

Nothing through blood curdling fear.  Nothing through confusion.  Nothing through gut wrenching anguish.

Simply because the pleasure I/we have created of the mind and the body is so fucking good it's never enough.

*shrug*  But that's just me.  I'm really just a baby in this new world.  Maybe I have unrealistic expectations.  Again...imagine that?  lol
~Naughty Kat

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