Saturday, January 29, 2011


In a mood.

No games.
No silliness.
No sweet white lies.

Let's fuck.

Are you man enough?
Can you handle me?

Tame me.
I dare you to try.

Pull out your dick.
Stroke it for me.
Show me you want me.

Tell me all the delicious ways you plan to fuck me.

I am the bitch you never imagined.
I am the whore of your dreams.
I am the One.

If you prove yourself.
If you are enough.
If you can handle everything I am.

Watch me.
See me drip.

Do you enjoy a woman's long legs spread wide and welcoming for you?

Bring me your dick.
Feed it to me.

My hot, wet mouth needs filled.
Don't pull back.
Choke me with it.

A greedy, nasty whore.
I need it hard.
I need it rough.

Pull my hair and take my mouth like you've always wanted.

Push your fingers into me.
Feel my slick juices pour into your hand as I cum.
Again you bastard.

My thighs slick.
My nipples hard.
My red lips swollen from sucking you.

Fuck me.
Give it to me.
Satisfy me.


Fuck your bitch like she deserves.
Fuck me like I need.

Fuck me.
Don't hold back.

Fuck me.

~A Kat with Her Claws Out

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