Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Love to Suffer for Him

~sigh~ To suffer for Him fulfills my soul.  It gets me the fuck off.  No matter how slight or harsh I bask in His dark torment.  I can't help it...I crave to comply with His most twisted desires.

I'm suffering right this very fucking minute. That slight discomfort sucks at my clit and licks at my sloppy greedy hole.  I want so much to spread my legs and be His slutty fucking dog.  To pant and beg for Him to ruthlessly shove a treat in His cunt. His fucking beautiful hard cruel dick.  His tight vicious fist.  His merciless boot.  His sadistic crop.  His brutal bat.  I don't care what the fuck He gives me.  I'll take it.  Because I'm in heat for Him.  I'm a greedy, nasty whore, and the more I suffer and am pushed below Him the more I thrive under His Darkness.

The things I want right now...~sigh~  

Stripped naked.
Beaten and bruised.
Breasts heaving.
Covered in His hot rain.
His holes filled and gushing with His hot rain.
Barking as He rapes my tight ass.
Used and toyed with like a tormented pet.
Suffer for Him.