Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crush Me

Crush me.
Beneath your boot.
Your precious flower.
Broken by You.
Your mind.
Your hands.

Destroy my beauty.
Crush me.
Make me bleed.
Let bruises bloom.
i will beg.
To be at Your mercy.

Hurt me.
Let Your sweet pain.
Crush me.
So i surrender everything.
The dark fire of You
Will consume my soul.

Crush me.
Crush Your obedient pet.
Crush me.
Crush what You control.
Crush me.
Crush all that is Yours.

Dismantle my pride.
Until i am humble.
Leashed and Owned.
Crush me.
Until i am nothing.
But what you allow me to be.

Your power and Dominance.
Are my air to breathe.
You are my world.
i seek your violence and wrath.
Crush me.
i submit to Your will.

Only through You
Can i find peace.
Tear apart Your petals.
To make me whole.
Only You can.
Crush me.

Yes, M. Crush me.
It is my only destiny.

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