Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What She Was

She broke her nails against the rough brick.  Tears streamed.  Makeup ran in ugly smudges.  A plump mouth opened wide and drooling.  That slut.  That whore.  With her fat pale ass bouncing, in between the shadows of the alley, they fucked.

I had watched as he pushed her into the empty recess.  I had watched as he grabbed her neck and forced her further away from the oblivious pedestrians.  I caught my breath when he smacked her face and pushed up her shirt to grope her plump tits.  He wasn't kind.  The cruel bastard left marks and tugged viciously at her nipples as she whimpered.   I got wet as she arched her back and spread her thighs in need.  Dirty heifer.  Filthy gutter slut.  No shame.  Not a lick.  What is this world coming to?  I panted when he shoved her dress up to her waist and shoved his dark hand into her hungry white snatch.  I could hear the wet suck of her sloppy cunt getting pummeled.  It echoed between those old crumbling buildings.

He knew what she was too.  "Nasty bitch in heat."  "Whore."  He growled those insults at her and all she did was ride his hand like her very life depended on it.  Maybe it did.  As she humped against his palm, his long fingers grasped her pale throat.  Her panting was silenced, but the gush of cum rained down on the garbage strewn concrete like a summer storm.  It pooled between her pretty stilettos in sick proof that she was nothing but another trashy bitch willing to do whatever her man asked.

He smeared his cum soaked hand across her face and tits as he finally released her to gasp for air. He took a small step back.  Behind the day's stacked garbage there stood the trembling ho with a pleading look in her eyes for more, so he gave the dumb cunt what she wanted and shoved her utters and tear stained cheek against the building.  She stuck her ass high in the air begging like a dog.  Fucking disgusting.

But I couldn't look away.  I watched.



Guttural.  Angry.  Violent.  He rutted in her brutally.  His dick slammed into her again and again as he held her head against the wall.  The messy pool grew larger between her shoes grew until a thin river began to make it's way to the sunlit sidewalk only feet away.  "This is what you were made for, isn't it?" I heard his dark voice rumble.  "I'm going to punish you even worse when we get home for being such a filthy slut," he threatened.  All I could think is that she deserved it.  "What woman in her right mind would do this?  How many fucking times can this cunt cum?" I wondered.  Another nail broke.

He snatched her by the back of her hair and pulled arching her back impossibly.  Her nipples shred themselves against the ragged brick.  He thrust viciously.  Once.  Twice.  Then pulled out.  His hard, black dick glistened angrily in a streak of reflected sun.  He dragged her to her knees to kneel in her own cum.  "Suck me dry, heifer."  She didn't have a choice.

He held her head and face fucked her.  I could hear her choke on the head of his dick.  He punished her mouth like no man I'd ever witnessed.  Spit ran from her lips and splashed across her bouncing tits.  He closed his eyes and leaned back his head for a moment almost in divine wonder.  Then a darkness over took his chiseled features.  A sneer.  A dark hellish groan.  I held my breath as he shoved so deep in her throat her face was smashed against his thick mat of black public hair.  I watched in stunned fascinations as that nasty bitch came again while she sucked down his thick juicy nut like a starved child.

She was the most shameless bitch I've ever seen.

She was a filthy whore taking dick in the middle of the day in an alley.

She was a two-dollar slut enjoying every moment of her demise.

Sick.  Twisted.

She was...


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  1. well written.. brilliant.. I'm jealous..lol