Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to Love a Man

A few basic ideas....

Put him first.  Love is not an act of selfishness. You take care of each other full time, not part-time when it's only convenient.   When two people love each other, you put each other first. That positive cycle feeds your relationship exponentially over and over and over.

Raise UP your man. Not just publicly, but privately as well.  Do not tear him down. Do not pull him down to make your sins appear less or to make yourself feel better. A strong woman does WHATEVER she can to strengthen Him and to help Him succeed everyday. She helps him achieve His goals not destroy them.  She has His fucking back no matter what.

Be respectful of Him and your relationship. This is an integral part of the first two, but it still needs to be said and looked at by itself.   Show respect for all that you have with your words and actions to Him as well as when you're speaking to others.  Respect His thoughts, emotions, needs, and desires.  This means listening, understanding, and emphasizing.'s not always easy.  And no, I'm NOT saying He's always right.  But BE RESPECTFUL.   Disrespect is a very slippery slope that leads to ugliness and cruelty.

Be brave enough to be honest and open with Him. No games. No manipulation. No avoidance or deceit. Lies are selfish - childish tools that crumble the foundation love is built on.  Honesty and openness give Him the knowledge He desperately needs to negotiate the crazy world we live in and be the best Man He can be to you.  Don't shortchange Him or yourself.

Let Him know He is wanted.  Being needed is NOT the same as being wanted. Appreciate him in real time. Share physical acts that let Him know how much you want Him and see Him as a Man. Pay attention and take time to do the little things He enjoys. Careless negligence will slowly destroy a relationship.  Trust me...someone somewhere WILL want what you have forgotten to appreciate and enjoy.

 ~sigh~ I know this isn't all there is to loving a Man. But the fundamentals are NOT that damn difficult!!! I wanted.... No, I NEEDED to put this out there. The last week I have seen some of the most cruel actions played out in relationships.  I have seen decent Men be neglected, used, and battered down.  So much negative has filtered into my world lately that I felt compelled to refocus on the positive. To remind myself and others that there are those out there that love each other with kindness and affection.  M and I have by no means discovered a lost art.  However we do our best to speak and act with intention to be the best we can for each other.'s really only a lot of common sense, but for some reason it's rare to see love live, breathe, and thrive in the real world. Why IS that?!? Especially since loving and being loved makes most of us pretty damn happy?

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