Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Submit

To submit honestly.
I must be brave.

To exchange with You.
An overwhelming power.
That could destroy me.

The sword is Yours.
It's point ever balanced at my heart.

I submit.

Reaching deep in my bones.
I gather all my strength.
To lay at Your Feet.

To trust in You.
My tender soul.
And leave myself no safety.

I am everything.
And nothing.

I submit.

The ultimate goddess.
On her knees.
Showering in Your glory.

The wretched wench.
Cum stained thighs spread wide.
As I beg for Your depravity.

Your leashed victim.
And cherished pet.

I submit.

To my unconditional love.
Refusing to hold back.
In fear.

To Our fierce passion.
That rips me in tattered shreds.
As I lose myself completely in You.

Your unrelenting warrior that follows.
An obedient dog that whimpers for Your touch.

I submit.

No fucking pride.
No damn shelter.
I bow to my King.

I submit in wonder.
I submit in hope.
I submit in love.

I bravely embrace my destiny.
With a Beast, an Owner, a Man.

I submit.