Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hot Wet Rain

I'm a whore today.  A dark, nasty filthy whore.  The darkness I crave is hot and black.  It brands my soul until I scream with sheer unrestrained need.  I can not apologize for my wanton desires anymore than I can apologize for being my age or height.  They simply are.  All day...the vicious beast in me roars begging for her Owner to set her free...
* * * * *
The park was scattered with visitors, yet we had tucked ourselves away to a picnic table away from the common paths.  Sitting at the end of the table with Him standing between my spread legs, I rested my head on His chest and knew a bone deep peace.  However, my discomfort was rising.  The need to pee had been calling for the last mile or so, but every time we'd come to a rest area, He'd held me close and replied, "Not yet pet."  With a whimper I obeyed.

The loose button-down dress He'd chosen for me to wear was perfect for the burst of warm weather we were indulging in.  As our embraced continued His hands caressed my thighs higher and higher until the short length slipped from under my ass.  His hands were now low on my lush naked hips as neither panties nor a bra had been allowed when He outlined my attire for the day.

With a soft pat to my flesh, he asked so politely, "Do you still need to go, pet?"

"Yes, Sir," I murmured into His chest.

"So do I.  Let's take care of things shall we?"  With a sigh I pulled back to reach behind me for my small purse, but His hand gently caught my hand.  "Wait.  Lean back on your hands for Me, pet."  Of course I obeyed easily, thinking He only wanted to enjoy our solitude for another moment or two.  Instead I watched helplessly as He slowly began to unbutton the bottom of my dress.  With the first, I was only slightly intrigued.  With the second, my heart increased its tempo.  Another and my breath caught and a heated blush began to rise to the surface of my skin.  When he reached for the fourth I moaned knowing I was about to be fully exposed to Him.  He spread the material to the side and took in His property.

I watched as His eyes darkened, and His lids became heavy.  I could feel and see His beast rising from slumber.  "Scoot that ass to the edge and spread your fucking thighs for me, whore."  With a small whimper, I simply obeyed.  His jaw hardened as His gaze raked His meat.  'More!" He demanded.  "Show me My cunt."  I spread my thighs further and felt the tickle of the breeze lick my heavy lips as He took a step back.  I closed my eyes embarrassed and waited for His next command.  I heard His deep hum and knew I'd pleased the beast taking hold of Him.

At the small clang of His belt, my eyes flew open to watch His hands tug that leather strap from its cinch.  "Piss now, cunt."  I groaned deeply as His training of me kicked in hard.  My body began to relax and the pressure in my bladder began to flow downward.  He unbuttoned His jeans and lowered His zipper to pull out His soft dick.  My mouth watered to take Him in my mouth.  Then blessedly, my hot piss began to rain down from between my spread thighs to the packed dirt below.  The sound seemed to echo around us and fed my desire tenfold.  Lust slammed into me hard and deep.  I gasped and lunged my hips in need even has I flushed with humiliation.  "'re such a filthy slut, aren't you?  Pissing like a dog for me."  I began to pant as the stream started to trickle off.

Careful of the puddle I'd left, He took a half step toward me, His dick held firmly in His hand.  "Spread those fat wet cunt lips and show me Me fuckhole."  I rushed to obey.  Always obey.  My need choked me.  I needed Him desperately.

"Please Sir..." I whimpered.  "Please..."

"What do you want cunt?  What do you need so badly?"

"You." I panted.  "I'm so close.  Please..."

When His fiery piss began to shower my pussy, I nearly lost it.  "Sir!  Yes!  Thank you!" I croaked fighting the orgasm flooding through me.

With a growl and another stream burning my flesh he finally gave me my release.  "Cum you filthy whore.  Cum as I piss all over you."  He deep quiet laugh only fed my madness.  He stopped His flow and watched as I bucked desperately on the wooden planks and squirted a hard deep orgasm, adding to the growing pool under us.

When the first wave crested, He reached up and grabbed my hair pulling my head back.  With His other hand He quickly finished unbuttoning the rest of my dress and exposed my breasts and stomach.  I couldn't summon the will to care.  I just panted like a dog having been run hard.  The dress hung off me and branded me a wanton slut.  "Get on the fucking ground," He ordered.

I awkwardly rose and shifted my weight forward drunk on my lust for Him.  I stumbled to the ground.  My knees spread straddling the pool of cum and piss on the ground.  Before I'd even completely caught my balance, He again began to mark and stain His property.  His hot wet rain splatter on my heavy pale breasts.  Rivers slid down my stomach and traveled down my thighs.  The smell enveloped me.  I gripped His waist trying to remain steady as another orgasm ripped through me.  "Yes...thank you, Sir." I chanted as  madness took me under.

Silence descended.  I dripped of Him.  I smelled of Him.  I was His.  Yet, still it wasn't enough.  He fisted my hair and pushed His hardening dick between my lips.  "Suck me clean and dry, dog."  I devoured shamelessly.  Kneeling in the dirt, covered in Him I licked the drops of cooling piss from His head and then swallowed His meat whole.  His groan told me His pleasure.  I slurped.  I choked.  I hungered.

"Open wide."  I obeyed.  Looking up to meet His heated gaze, He began to fuck my mouth harshly.  His firm wide head beat at the back of my throat.  Again and again.  My lips dripped with drool.  I looked the animal as His beast ravaged His willing victim.  He dragged my head deeper and shoved Himself violently down my throat.  I couldn't breath.  I couldn't move.  I could only take until His hot cum erupted.  His fierce growl sent me into another vicious orgasm as I swallowed and slurped up more of Him.  He pulled out and sprayed the last of His nut across my fevered skin.  The beast marking His pet and staining her soul.


  1. That was so fucking wanton, and primal and dirt. Yay

  2. Makes one think... so much to consider. Thank you.

  3. @Anonymous: I'm glad you enjoyed! :-)

    @theproteusexperiment: of the best compliments of all is to make someone think further. Thank you!!!