Tuesday, February 19, 2013

His Legacy

There is a sadness buried in His warm brown eyes,
Built from centuries of pain carried on burdened backs.
Vicious hate and a cruelty so vast,
That yesterday has forever stained red the path to today.

No amount of tears or prayers will ever wash away,
The sorrow of His legacy.

There is a frustration that claws at His beautiful dark skin,
As He withstands the hot sting from the winds of injustice.
From every direction they batter and whip.
Though the self-defeating gusts from the homefront burn tragic.

No cool salve can ease His raw distress as they try to diminish,
The efforts of His legacy.

There is a strength infused in His deep hearted soul.
Forged in deliberate generations of pride and tenacity.
He holds His lonely hard line in the blinded frivolous crowd.
As they attempt to shutter the stoic inner flame that lights His way.

No concession will ever exist for Him to willingly compromise,
The honor.
The sacrifice.
Or the pride,
Of His legacy.


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