Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ever Darker

I've crossed a line.  There's no longer any going back.  I've now done things that no decent, nice girl would do...would allow...would even think about.  Yet, I eagerly and willingly did them with and for M, and I relished every moment of them.

Each time I spread my legs for Him I open myself further to His wicked, sadistic ways.  He sets the whore in me free and toys with her slow demise.  Even the smallest acts take on a dark shadow.  When I spread my long thick legs and bent over the counter with my dress pushed up my waist, He played with His fuck hole until cum rained down across the floor.  Every splash, every drip, echoed through the house branding me His greedy slut.  The slippery puddle evidence of my unrepentant sins.  I came and came like a facet for Him.  As his dick slid in and out of His hole I realized I was doomed.  I craved being His insatiable slut.  I'd never get enough of Him.

When I knelt in my own juices and sucked my cum off his hard dick, choking and drooling, I knew nothing but serving Him.  I proudly looked up at my Master as He fucked my face and gave me purpose.  When I clung to His feet, I embraced my submission and my fate.  I would do anything He demanded.  So, I obeyed like any good bitch would and crawled across the cold hard tile through the house as He beat me.  However, that was only a prelude.

When finally I found the comfort of the bed, it truly began.  I left sanity and reason behind.  There was only M.  I was pure animal as He did things to His whore that I'll never admit to anyone.  I watched through a dark sexual haze His smile of delight as He took and did exactly what He desired.  He violated me like no other.  I stared down between my open legs and panted like a wanton dog at the humiliating things He did to me.  I had never felt such intense mindless pleasure.

And I want more.  He knows instinctually I crave more.  Within M's darkness I find freedom to be who and what I've always held deeply buried in my soul.  His nasty whore.  His depraved slut.  His property.  He's barely scratched the surface with me.  It stuns me to know there is so much left to explore with Him.

With each step, my journey with M becomes ever darker.  In those inky shadows I find bliss and a contentment I've never known.  I seek His pride, His pleasure, and His satisfaction in becoming the best He's ever had.  I understand without question that there is no other way but forward following M into the dark.

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