Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rage & Fury - Part I

I tremble in rage and fury.  The storm crackles.  The air thick with unleashed violence.  My flesh naked under the brooding sky.  Wrists and ankles shackled.  Throat collared.  I'm spread eagle in sacrifice.

My beast circles me.  Taunts.  Eager for the challenge to tame.  His hand drives between my legs. His slick hot cunt to defile.  Fingers momentarily pillage.  I grind in vain with so little slack.  I am His.  Bound and tormented.  There is no relief to my lust.  I am helpless.  I growl in rage.  I scream in fury. "Whore."  His fingers beating against my inner walls.  "Slut."  He pulls out in cruelty.  "Meat."  His palm slaps against His slit.

I cry out.  Lifting my eyes to his, I growl between clenched teeth, "Fuck you."  His fingers reach up to tease beaded nipples.  I gasp and pull against my chains, arching to get closer.  I pant like a pathetic dog.  My eyes unfocused in raving hunger.  His cunt drips like thick honey.  His dark laugh licks my conscious evilly.  I snarl viciously trying to bite, craving the taste of His flesh and blood.

Lightening flashes.  His fist wraps in my hair. "I own this," he states absolutely running his free hand over my body.  A tender kiss to my chin. An amused lick across my cheek.  "Bitch, you're mine."  Thunder clashes.  His palm strikes my face.  "Mind.  Body.  Soul."  Another hard slap.  I struggle against my bonds and his grip.  As the rain begins he steps away to begin.

His crop licks fire across my breasts.  Within moments I lose count and simply devour the pain.  My body His canvas to paint.  Welts quickly criss cross across my flesh - breasts, ass, back and thighs.  His calm, patient demands a chant to my soul.  "Surrender... Submit."

I am defiant and refuse to give in.  My lust rages.  Fury rips through my soul.  He refuses to give enough pain to take me down.  My punishment controlled and methodical.  I am nothing more than His instrument to play.  The crop slips between my legs, stroking through the heavy folds.  He slowly pushes the tip inside me.  Momentarily, I drown in the small pleasure and wait unmoving.  I scream in frustration when he refuses to give me more.  I fucking need more.

From behind me he whispers, "Beg whore.  Plead for mercy."  He reaches arrogantly around my waist to spread my lips wide and tempt my throbbing clit with the night air.   So close.  My hips buck to no avail.  He pulls the crop from His juicy cunt and drags the leather tongue across my hard clit.  The barest touch nearly enough.  "Give in, bitch."

Swallowing my first sob, I whisper my offer, "Not until you give me your rage and let me feel your fury."

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