Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our Dark Storm

We dance.
We battle.
We drown.
In our dark storm.


Our passion like no other.
It steals my breath.
It stains our skin.
Our souls soaked with sin.

I sob.
In ecstasy.

I am wild.
Insatiable for you.
At the mercy of your sadistic desires.

You growl.
Your viciousness free to conquer.

You are my Beast.
Feast on our chaos.
Gorge on your helpless victim.

Yours to devour.
His meant to sate.
Our destiny.

Bound and helpless.
You take and torment with joy.
Punishing and greedy.
I accept and relish it all.

Smeared lipstick.
Jagged tear-filled sobs.
Dripping thighs.

Your fist clenches around my tender throat.
Your hands brutalize your pet's creamy flesh.
Whimpers and pleas echo in the wind.
Orgasms rips through me at my demise.

Hard dick pulses.
Fingers drenched in her hot cum.
A triumphant roar.

Your whore's soft lips to suck and devour.
Her sweet juicy cunt begs for more.
That fat ass open and waiting.
You consume all of me.

I am lost.
You are waiting.
We are found.

You command the violence.
I surrender to our dark storm.
My total submission at your feet.
Your leash I bow my head to follow. 

Drag your willing whore further.
Into your darkness.

Each breath.
Ever darker.

Each step.
Ever closer to home.

In our Dark Storm.


1 comment:

  1. A truly wonderful poem. And so brave! And generous! You lay yourself open in a way that is very moving. Charles X