Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vicious Hungry Madness

No yield.
No surrender.
Take if you dare.

I'm not an obedient pet.
I'm not a sweet girl.
I am a vicious fucking animal.

In need of pain.
In need of dick.

Hard nipples.
Dripping cunt.
Spread ass cheeks.

Dig in.

I'm not a pathetic victim.
I'm not a helpless lamb.
I am fucking hungry.

For sweet pain.

A crop's lashes.
A palm's slap.
A fist's punch.
A flogger's kiss.

For filling.

Driving fingers.
Spreading hands.
Wicked tongues.
Hard pulsing cocks.


To me.

I am insatiable.
I am pure sin.
I am your heaven and hell.

Bring it to me!
I will devour all you can give.
Swallow every drop.

Bring your harshest demands.
I will conquer them all.
Coat them in my hot. slick juices.

Bring your eager fucking friends.
I will sate their most deviant desires.
They will beg for more.

Invite strangers to indulge.
I am simply a set of mindless fuck holes.
Let them feed my never-ending appetite.

My open lips drool.
My heavy breasts heave.
My warm thighs spread in abandon.

Take me.
Make me.
Break me.

A nasty whore.
A corrupt, dirty slut.
An rutting animal in heat.

I won't be gentle.
Your skin will feel the bite of my nails.

I won't be kind.
Your ears will roar with my dirty promises.

I won't be tame.
Your body will ache from my wildness.

I was born to fuck.
I was meant for use.
I was destine for violence.

Feed my madness.
Sate my hunger.
Exhaust my vicious needs.

If you fucking dare.

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