Friday, June 20, 2014

Reflections #8

I have to live today focused on what I can give Him, how I can serve Him, and how I can help Us build Our tomorrow.  I have to focus on what He gives me today and the steps forward He takes that lead Us toward Our tomorrow. 

What We gave each other: Shared experiences.

My Daddy asked me last night to do something with him, a date of sorts even though we're 400+ miles apart.  He made my day yesterday with His suggestion.  Every single time he says "we" or says "we should do..." it sends a flood of warmth through my soul.  He's so independent and strong that when when He consciously or unconsciously references us as a couple, I feel myself submit another step deeper.  Those little things mean so much.  That He intentionally suggested that we see the sequel of the movie from our first date together brought tears to my eyes.  I felt incredibly treasured and cherished and wanted by my Daddy, my Owner, and my Man.  But if I'm wouldn't have matter what He wanted us to do, whenever He wants me to do something with Him or whenever He wants to share something with me, it means the absolutely world to me.  

His pet, His little girl, His woman took His invitation seriously.  Even though I was going physically alone, I put intention into my appearance as I would for Him.  I slipped into a pretty summer dress that complimented my curves.  I did my face and hair, so I'd be pretty for my Daddy, my Owner, and my Man. I represented Him, and I wanted to represent Him well, so that He would be proud of what is His in every way. I sent him a pic just as He'd sent me His.  Oh to see my handsome beautiful Man sets my heart and yes, my body, a flutter.  I still blush when He compliments me.  I can still even be a little shy in how much I crave and desire Him.  ~sigh~

* * * * * * * * * * * 

The last few weeks have been challenging, but we have given each other continual perseverance.  No matter what pain or hardship...we refuse to give up.  We refuse to let go of each other or our dreams.  Even in the most painful experiences we will hold each other up and protect one another as best we can.  No matter what, no matter when, no matter where...we are always there for one another. We don't push each other away when in pain.  We open our minds, bodies and hearts to one another and bring each other close and find the one true refuge...each other.  

Life is rarely easy or simple. In the hardest of times there's two kinds of people. There's those that flock to watch the fire and stand on their lawns in sympathy but remain at a distance.  And there those very few who stand next to you trying to put out the flames and who are still there the next morning and every day after helping you to pick up the pieces that are left.  Those die hards that refuse to quit are who M and I are for one another without fail.  I never thought I'd find such Man that would treat me as I would treat Him.  I'd long ago believed that that kind of loyalty only existed in my idealistic mind.  But M shows me again and again, just as I show Him over and over...neither of us are going anywhere.  We've got each other yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

* * * * * * * * * * * 

We've given each other our best.  We've taken care of one another.  I've served Him in any way I can.  His given me much to hold close, to treasure, and to honor.  Together we make our way forward inch by inch, mile by mile.  I am grateful for every shared moment and every experience we have together.

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