Sunday, June 1, 2014

Reflections #5: May 27-31

Travel and festivities have made blogging impossible, but that by no means is a reflection of my focus. Again and again I center around or reach for the positive in order to stay balanced. 

I have to live today focused on what I can give Him, how I can serve Him, and how I can help Us build Our tomorrow. 

What I gave Him the last few days:
  • His woman...stayed confident and calm when dealing with the least pleasant piece of my past. This was probably my calmest trip yet. While annoyed and disgusted at times with Misery, my anxiety was at an all time low which helps M focus on the responsibilities he has on this hands. 
  • Alfred...was able to squeeze in some edits and to dedicate time to review M's revisions, which were phenomenal!!! One more chapter closer to our dreams! :-) oh and I was able to get another graphic out the door. 
  • His woman...gave him support, understanding, compassion, and concern. His focus is my focus, and when we share a vision we are stronger together. 
  • His woman...shared a little something I knew He would enjoy. It allowed Him to in turn share with a friend who enjoyed it even more. :-) Ripples.
  • His the middle of a rough night, I focused His...mantra. "I'm never letting you go." No matter how many times He says that to me, I never tire of them.  By focusing on those beautiful words, I submitted to my faith and trust in Him and in Us. 
  • His submissive/pet...worked hard to not be distracted from protocols. That effort helped me feel more connected to my Owner and feel the comfort of my leash. 
I have to focus on what He gives me today and the steps forward He takes that lead Us toward Our tomorrow. 

What He gave me the last few days:
  • My Man/Daddy spent hours with me the night before my trip. No work. Just play. Laughter. Heated debates. Thoughtful insights that shifted perspectives. I always LOVE spending the last hours of the day with Him, but those hours that night helped grounded me firmly mentally and emotionally for the coming days which made me stronger for us both.
  • My Owner demanded my obedience and refused to allow me to slack.  He pulled my leash and forced me to give Him more. I always find peace and comfort on His leash, but being challenged...feeling that tug to heel...makes me feel desired. I felt like He was hungry for my submission and His dog to be kneeling at His side. ~sigh~ My mental and emotional submission deepen. And turns me the fuck on and makes me want to lick His boots. Mmmmmm
  • My Man was open and honest with me about unimportant things. While they have no impact at all on Us, those tidbits help me feel connected to His life. With them he shares these fascinating little pieces of His past and I learn the subtleties of Him.
  • My Daddy cuddled up with me very early this morning. ~sigh~ I love our quiet easy mornings together. He sounds so damn sexy! ~sigh~ I crave sucking Him right now. 
  • My M pushed through the work and wrestled with slippery nuances to nail down another great chapter.
  • My Man/Dom shared with me His challenges and concerns which demonstrates His trust and faith in me and that I am His soft spot to land when He needs. 
  • My Owner, Man, Daddy reached out with an "I love you, pet." at several perfect moments when I needed to feel Him holding my hand.
M is my sun and moon. The more He takes and demands of His pet, the more I find in me to give. The more I give the more content I feel at His feet in His shadow. ~sigh~ I am His submissive. I am His pet. I am His. 

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