Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reflections #4: May 26, 2014

My goal with these posts is to focus on the good and not the bad or where I fell short, so...

I have to live today focused on what I can give Him, how I can serve Him, and how I can help Us build Our tomorrow. 

What I gave Him today:
  • His woman/submissive/pet/lil girl...stayed...contained. While I may not have won the battle, I have fought very hard against the negative. 
  • Alfred...worked hard to stay focused and got through another round of edits for two chapters. Hopefully those provide Him with the feedback He needs and helps Us get closer to our dreams.
  • Alfred...has been intentionally trying to gain traction in an area M would like to see grow.  This seems to be slowly moving in the direction He'd like, so hopefully He'll be pleased with my efforts.
  • His submissive...pushed down defiance and obeyed even though I craved a break. 

I have to focus on what He gives me today and the steps forward He takes that lead Us toward Our tomorrow. 

What He gave me today:
  •  My Man took a few minutes out of His day to point me in a direction for one of my kids. No...it had no bearing on our short or long term goals, but it helped me avoid at least one small frustration. 
  • My Man shared a few cute tidbits of His day which helped me feel a lil less far away and helps me see that I am in His thoughts. 
  • My Man finished the second to the last round of edits for two chapters moving Us that much closer to Our future.
  • My Owner was there to answer nearly all of my permissions. Each time He's responsive helps me at least brush up against my submission to Him.
Today wasn't easy.  Today wasn't all that reaffirming.  But I got through without causing a fuss.

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