Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yes, Mistress

My fist wrapped around her hair.
Pulling her head back.
Is this what you want?
Is this what you've been craving?

Yes Mistress.

A tug to a nipple.
A flick to the other.
Hard, ripe points.
Beg for more.

A slap to her fat breast.
A nip at her neck.
Her moans.
They feed me.

Do you want more?
I whisper.

Yes, Mistress.

I slowly drag her to her knees.
Open your mouth, my pet.

I urge him closer.
His hard eager dick at perfect height.

I stroke so slowly.
His eyes close shut.
A sigh.
I smile.

Would you like to lick?
Would you like to taste?
A whimper.
A catch in her breath.

Yes, Mistress.

I guide her head closer.
Her tongue darting forward.

With my fist around his base.
I gently bring him to his gift.
A pause.
Then I let her have one long lick of her sweet treat.

She moans.
He grits his teeth on a sigh.

What do you taste, my pet?

You, Mistress.
I taste you.


Do well, my greedy little pet.
Or I'll stop the rest of your pleasure.
Lick off every drop.
Of my sugar.

I step back as she sucks him down.
His fist replaces mine.
Her lips wrapped tight.
His dick begins to fuck her mouth.

My eyes flash.
The erotic picture.
My dirty little scene.
The whore in me smiles so naughtily.

I drop the first lash.
The slap echoes above her sucking.
The leather kisses her skin.

Yes, Mistress.


Those pleas.
His pleasure.
The fall licking her back and ass.
Feeds me.

Yes, Mistress.

~A Lioness

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