Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Laying Claim

The heat of you behind me.
Your hands reach around to cup my breasts.
I arch into your touch.

Your lips on my neck.
My head tilts to give you open access.
Your teeth clamp down.

The suck of your hot mouth.
The tease of your fingertips on my nipples.
The tug on my rings.
I whimper.

"Is this what you want, baby?"
"Spread your legs for me," you whisper.

You slide my robe from my shoulders.
I'm bare.
My feet shift apart to give you anything you desire.

Your hand traces down my torso.
You pause to grip the dip of my waist.
Then over my round lush ass to my thigh.
"Are you wet for me?"

I'm always wet for you.
You clench my breast.
I moan.

Your hand continues its slow journey.
It slides to my inner damp thigh.
I hear you suck your breath.
"Last chance."


You release my tit.
Your hand moves to the center of my back, pushing down.
"Bend over, baby."
"Give yourself to me."

You cup my hot, dipping cunt.
"So fucking wet."
You grind your hand into me.
I cry out.

The ache building in me.
Your finger rubs my clit.
I pant.
"Fuck yes, baby"

I can't wait...
I need...

You grip my face turning it toward you.
"Come for me."
Your mouth covers mine furiously.
You drive two fingers deep inside my lush aching core.

The first orgasm rips through me.
A gush of sweet sugar floods your fingers and hand.
"Yes, baby."

You pump me full hard.
Your hand slips to my throat.
My fingers grip the counter.
"Come.  For.  Me."

I cry out uncontrollably.
My cum raining for you.
You don't stop.
Another slams into me.

And another.
The pool at my feet growing with each orgasm.
The falling stream echoes between my harsh breath.
Your hand and arm drenched.

You slow your erotic touch.
Bringing me down slowly.
Your lips intimately cover mine.
Our tongues dance.

I whimper as your hand leaves me.
Then I feel the hot, thick length of you against my ass.
You shift behind me.

The throbbing head of your dick slips through my hot wet folds.
Oh please....
Your growl fills my head.

"Mine.  I'm taking what's mine."
Your dick tunnels into me hard and smooth.
So fucking deep.

I'm gasping.

Again you slam into me.
I shatter.
"Yes.  Come for me."

You grip my waist
You pound me mercilessly.

My orgasms run into one another.
My juice a waterfall against your demanding cock.

"Yes, Mine."

"Say it."
"Say it."

Yours, baby....

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