Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thin Air

Take me higher.
Than I've ever been.
To where the air is so thin.
It hurts to breathe.

Dive deep.
In me.
In you.
Find what's buried far below the surface.

I search for more.
Than what has been.
Than what is.

I want to know what can be.
I want to experience what is possible.
I want what I've never had.

To fly.
To soar.
To be free.

I want to look in your eyes.
And see that I take you to that same place.
What you've always dreamed.
What you've never had.

To lost myself in another.
To let another lose himself in me.
To be lost.
~A Dreaming Kat

Ahhhhhh...silly, silly girl.  I should just focus on getting better with my flogger.

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