Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Lioness Made to Heel

He pulled hard and quick on my leash, stopping me in my tracks.

I deserved it. I was frustrated and chose to be rude, childish, and disrespectful.

I honestly didn’t expect Him to notice.

I use to cry and be sad when I was disappointed. 
I use to open my mouth and communicate.

Tonight I did neither and simply tried to distance myself quickly from my emotions.

In no uncertain terms, he forced His pet to heel.

I responded with obedience. My body responded with a clenched dampening cunt. My emotions…are in turmoil.

I’m angry now. I’m angry, and I want to fuck. Or maybe I’m angry because I want to fuck. Or maybe I’m angry, so I want to fuck. I don’t know.

I know that I want nothing more than to be on my knees face down with his dick, his fist, a flogger, or a bat beating His cunt.

But deep down it’s so much more than that.

My vicious wild lioness wants to roar and tumble violently with her mate. I want to fight and fuck and push back and yell and be violent. I want to rebel. I want to scream “Make me!” again and again until he’s brought me down under his boot in a puddle of my own cum as He hoses me down in His hot piss.

I want to be wanted with precision Dominant focus and sadistic unflinching intent. I want to be the center of His fucking world to where everything that He is seeks to devour me whole and swallow me into His darkness. I crave my own destruction at the hands and mind of My Owner.

I need His hunger.
I need His demand.
I need my Beast’s brutality.
I need my Owner’s firm hand.
I need my Sadistic Bastard to crush His flower and put me back together again.

 I’m fucked up. I am an angry whorish pet choking on her own desires.

 All I know is that violence is all I crave.

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