Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Believe

I believe in Him.

I believe the sun rises in His eyes and sets at His feet.
I believe there is no one better suited for me than Him.

I believe in His potential to weave magical tales.
I believe in His wisdom, common sense, and drive to succeed.

I believe there is no better place on Earth than curling up on my Daddy's chest.
I believe in His integrity.

I believe His Dominance is the air I breathe.
I believe there no other destiny for me than under His feet.

I believe in His faith in me and Us.

I believe in me.

I believe no one can love Him as deeply, truly, or purely as I can.
I believe that my submission can offer Him a lifetime of satisfaction and inspiration.

I believe I can help Him reach for the stars.
I believe that my loyalty to Him will last a lifetime.

I believe that my passion and dedication to Him is His secret weapon.
I believe that I am His destiny.

I believe in Us.

I believe in Our breath-taking possibilities and endless potential.
I believe Our love, respect, faith, and integrity make us fucking amazing.

I believe Our skills complement one another perfectly.
I believe Our personalities blend effortlessly.

I believe in Our harmony.
I believe in Our future.

As we walk this journey with hands held and fingers intertwined.
There is no one I'd rather follow into tomorrow than my M.

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